White Label SEO

Looking for ways to stand out in an increasingly competitive marketplace? We offer a no-contract white label SEO service with prices and delivery that is both competitively priced and sincere.

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Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping some of Edinburgh’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Here are some of those brands.

White Label SEO Services That Help You Scale

We are privileged to be able to manage search strategies for clients working with some of the biggest digital marketing agencies in Scotland. We understand that maintaining an account can get difficult at times – which is why our team works hard on getting things set up or running smoothly on your behalf.

What White Label SEO Services Do We Offer?

Having the option of outsourcing large parts of an agency’s strategy allows them a way out from rushing into hiring too many people or doing everything themselves when they should be focusing attention on meeting other client needs.

We offer white label SEO services that are designed to help your business. We focus a lot on link building as this is what is needed most from our clients, but we also do technical SEO, on-page optimisation and keyword research for agencies that may not have a fully-functioning SEO team. 


We offer a link-building service that builds links through PR-friendly, traditional outreach with no PBNs. We also offer competitive citation campaigns to get listings indexed quickly. Additionally, we use guest posts from time to time in specific niches, while our focus is always on holistic content amplification methods for penalty-free success rates. To do this, we use genuine strategies so that you can have peace of mind about the quality of your backlinks.

Technical SEO

SEO is often about finding the ‘easy wins’ and we know to use it to make your site more competitive and help you rank higher in search engines.

Our team of experts helps clients with their most pressing needs. This includes SEO audits, keyword research projects, technical SEO strategies, link-building, and more. 

With our expertise in resolving technical issues like page speed optimisation or mobile responsive layouts, our technical SEO is focused on the user experience. View our Technical SEO Service page to read more about the factors that we consider when working on an SEO project.

On page SEO

We provide the highest level of on-page SEO services. We start by analysing your business needs and use that information to create an effective strategy for you, targeting keywords relevant to web design and natural language processing applications where appropriate.

A few changes when it comes to meta tags, image tags, navigation, and internal links can make a huge impact on the overall SEO.

Keyword Research

At A1 SEO Edinburgh, we can save you from having to do your own keyword research. Our team specialises in helping clients identify which words are most relevant for their industry and targeting them with precision. 

We look at all aspects from niche strategies down to page-level targeting, and from main keywords to secondary keywords, so that you can dominate your niche via Google or Bing.

White Label Reports

Our team of experienced analysts uses data from Google Analytics and Accuranker, as well as WhatConverts for monitoring calls. 

We produce insightful reports that help inform top-level strategy. We can also set up complex conversions using Google Tag Manager (we have experience setting cross-domain tracking). All reporting activities are automated with Data Studio, which allows us to format the reports for you or your clients in a visually appealing way.


Link building packages start at £800 per month for 20 hours of work – and this typically results in 4 quality links. For other white label SEO needs, our rate is £40 an hour with no contracts to worry about and the only requirement being an upfront payment. 

During ‘quiet’ periods, team members sit around 85% capacity – therefore, we are not flexible on the the price of our white label SEO services.


Why Choose Us

Hi, I’m Graham Grieve, the lead SEO consultant at A1 SEO Edinburgh! A1 SEO Edinburgh is a small but efficient team of 11 search engine optimisation specialists. We offer full transparency on our SEO campaigns so that you can see exactly what works for you at any time – no surprises or hidden costs. We have over 7 years of experience in ranking sites higher up on the Google search results pages, so we are more than qualified (and so excited) about giving your company the best chance at standing out from competitors online. 

We also go the extra mile to educate our clients about how search engines really work to rank websites by explaining things in a simple, no-nonsense way, and I’ll be right there on the other end of the line whenever you have any questions! It usually takes only one phone call for us to solve a problem, so give us a shout today – we’d love nothing more than to help put your website and business on the top.

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