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Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping some of Edinburgh’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Here are some of those brands.

SEO Audit

We are the best at what we do. We improve keywords and ranking and increase traffic and revenue through proven process-based strategies that provide a clear return on investment from search engine optimisation (SEO).

What’s included?

Search engine optimisation is a crucial part of marketing your company, but only if you know the best way for it to work. And that’s where we come into play! Our audit will cover everything, including how secure your website is and how fast it loads, and all the little details that could affect placement on page 1 of Google. Because nobody wants their business cut down due to an outdated content website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a complicated process, which you can learn more about on our Technical SEO Service page. Below are just some of the factors that it takes into consideration to improve your website.


Are all of your pages properly encrypted? Are there any links to non-encrypted internal pages and files being pulled in insecurely by suspicious domains and scripts or data that might result from an attack on another site you own?

Mobile Friendliness

Are the site’s pages optimised for mobile devices? This includes aspects such as small fonts and clickable element spacing. Does it pass Google’s tests in this area to make up a great e-commerce experience?


How long does it take for your website to load? Does the site meet all of Core Web Vital benchmarks, like being responsive enough or having an adequate amount of content on each page?

Duplicate Pages

Can you tell if there are any duplicate pages on your website? Are those particular URLs being tagged correctly and assigned to the appropriate content, or do they need to be updated with new information for each page?


Is your website using a readable sitemap that has been submitted via the correct search engine tools?

Robots.txt File

Is your website properly set up for robots? This means that your website will have a robots.txt file and it must be set up properly.

Structured Data

We know that Google is looking for structured data on your website, but is your website’s structured data correctly configured? And are opportunities for more?

Search Engine Tools

Google Search Console is a tool that measures and reports on your website’s data and gives Google full coverage of your website. Bing Webmaster Tools can also be used for this purpose, but it does not offer as much information (and isn’t quite as robust).

Status Codes

Have you noticed any files that are causing client or server errors? If so, this can lead to a wasted crawl budget and decrease your site’s overall quality.

Broken URLs

Have you noticed any internal or external links that may be broken? This can have an effect on both your crawl budget and the overall quality of your site.

URL Paths

Is your website’s URL path ‘clean’ or easy for Google and other search engines to read? Have you used a proper silo structure if appropriate?

We assess these aspects alongside any other issues we come across when reviewing your website during our monthly SEO audits.

On-page SEO

If you want your website to be discovered, the content of all pages must match up with what search engines like Google are looking for. There’s no room in any industry for less than perfect SEO, and that’s why we cover the following in our on-page SEO audits. View our On-Page SEO Service page for an in-depth description of the potential issues relating to your website’s ON PAGE SEO.

Title Tags

Are you using the full space available for your title tags? Are they too long and being cut off in search engines, or do you need to scroll down for an extended period before reaching site content? 

Do they contain CTAs with compelling copy and strong call-to-action words like “buy” and “preorder”?

Description Tags

Do your description tags have compelling CTAs to maximise their potential as the searcher’s target, or are there spaces where it is difficult for search engines such as Google and Bing to find what they’re looking for? 


Does each page have a unique H1 heading? Does the site use subheadings to create a hierarchy on your pages? 

Is this done sensibly for organising content in an aesthetically pleasing way that makes sense with the overall design goals of the website or blog layout?


What about all of your website images? Are they properly named and tagged, sized according to the size of the screen (or web browser), served in an efficient format?

Word Count

Are any of the pages being flagged as having thin content of under 300 words? Is it worth delving into more detail to provide extra value for users and keep them coming back?

Speaking of copywriting – does your website have well-written texts that properly convey the necessary information without being too technical?

Keyword Density

Do you know which keywords Google is looking for in your content? Even the most seemingly innocent words can be seen as keyword bylines if they’re not strategically placed and this can lower a company’s ranking with search engine algorithms. 

We assess these aspects alongside any other issues we come across when reviewing your website during our monthly SEO audits.

Backlink Profile

Your SEO Audit is not complete without examining your backlink profile. We consider factors such as page authority, domain age, and link acquisition strategies; which you can read more about on our Service page LINK BUILDING AND OUTREACH.


What are the backlinks of your website, and how does Google rank them? Websites with high-quality links will be seen as more trustworthy by search engines, while low-quality links can affect your rankings in a bad way.


Is the number of referring domains pointing to your website sufficient for it to rank? Based on the immediate competition, what is a good benchmark for quantity?


How can we rank you higher than your competitors? Reverse engineering their strategies is a great way to find out what they’re doing for links and the number of links that would be required.

Anchor Text

Is the anchor text direct enough to rank well for specific keywords? 

How aggressive is your competition’s strategy when it comes to using that keyword as a link or in an intro sentence on their site?


At what rate are you obtaining external links for your website, and is this sustainable and in line with the competition? Is it frequent enough to affect your company’s ranking and SEO? 

Negative SEO

Have there been are any negative SEO attacks on your site?

If it is affecting your traffic, we can quickly identify these links and make sure they don’t hurt.

Broken Backlinks

Has the site lost previously won backlinks due to structural changes? Can we easily republish these missing pages, or should they be redirected to another destination with an alternate URL?

Reffering IPS

Does the site have a substantial number of links from IP addresses that share the same c-class? What is this, and how likely are you to be impacted by it in your SEO efforts? Should these links be removed?

We assess these aspects alongside any other issues we come across when reviewing your website during our monthly SEO audits.

Bespoke SEO Audit

If your business is struggling with a specific website issue that is affecting your SEO and traffic, we can identify the cause of that problem for you.

From rankings to competition, whatever it is that’s hurting sales now or preventing growth in the future – our team will come up with the solutions you need.

Action Plan

Your SEO audit will end in a list of recommendations to consider alongside expert commentary from one of our highly-trained specialists. 

We have over 5 years of experience, and we’ll help you scope out the resources necessary for success with an hour-long consultation phone call or face-to-face meeting – whichever option best suits your needs.

Tools We Use

Over the years, we’ve used almost all of the SEO tools out there to make sure that our websites are as accurate and in-depth as possible when it comes to SEO best practices. To learn more about the latest technology that will be used on your site audit and SEO, check out OUR TECHNOLOGY PAGE.


At A1 SEO Edinburgh, we’re constantly on the hunt for high-quality backlinks. 

The AHREFS algorithm allows us to quickly and accurately rank any website in our system to see which pages will bring you more traffic than others when building links from them – no other resource offers this kind of insight!


SEMRUSH has a super-simple interface that allows us to roll out keyword and content research at scale. SEMrush also offers other cool features built-in, with their Keyword Magic tool giving us an edge when researching SEO or Google Ads campaigns, thanks to its simple functionality for quickly finding high-ranking keywords just about anywhere on-screen.

Screaming Frog

SCREAMING FROG has created a tool for web crawling that is always in contact with anything remotely related to search engines and their journeys crawling through websites, which can be tracked using Screaming Frog. Our audits are almost entirely conducted using this crawling tool.

Trusted by Local Business

Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping some of Edinburgh’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Here are some of those brands.


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