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Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping some of Edinburgh’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Here are some of those brands.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO helps your business rank in the Google Map packs which feature above the organic listings in most local searches. Local SEO also helps you rank for location-specific organic results.

Local Searches

Local searches are the best way to get what you need from a local business when you are in a specific area. For example, someone would search for an “SEO Consultant” on their desktop or mobile phone whilst they’re visiting Edinburgh and find plenty of results from agencies offering consultancy services.

Local Search Terms

When people want to find a product or service in their area, they search locally in a more targeted way. For example: “SEO in Edinburgh“.

How Can Local SEO Help You Dominate Your Niche?

46% of searches on Google seek local information. Edinburgh residents conduct more than 3 a day, this means that there are over 22 million local searches a month in Edinburgh alone! With A1 SEO Edinburgh, you can tap into that demographic with targeted strategies tailored for your audience and potential customers.

Our Local SEO Process

Ranking a local website can be very simple when done correctly. At A1 SEO Edinburgh we follow a process that has been refined over the past 8 years with the help of transparent and straightforward tasks that work to help you rank in top positions for your targeted keywords on Google and Google Maps.

1. Keywords

We will research the keywords that could drive searchers to your business website, gaining an understanding of what they are looking for. This is done with localised keyword research and analysis to provide the best results for our clients’ websites.

An integral part of successful online marketing is understanding who might be searching for particular topics or products. 

We look at what keywords successful local competitors are ranking for, and we also take into account hyperlocal areas where there may be even more opportunities than one would initially assume at a first glance, adding a local element to generic keywords. 

2. Exact Match Anchor Text Links

After we have some solid keywords to target, it’s time for your link portfolio. We assess how many exact match anchor text links are in there – these are links containing your keyword. Links with these specific types of words help boost search engine rankings by showing off what you know – which can be a big asset when trying out new strategies or tactics on SEO-friendly content marketing campaigns. However it must not be too aggressive and finding a balance here is key!

At A1 SEO Edinburgh, for example, we want our website to rank high for ‘SEO Edinburgh‘ and will add balanced links to those keywords wherever possible.

Quality Of Exact Match Anchor Text Links

Links with exact matching, meaning they contain only that one word or term in their titles, help rank higher than those containing more generic phrases like “SEO.” This means we have to be careful to choose links from quality sources.

A1 SEO Edinburgh’s team is great at assessing the quality of these backlinks using factors such as domain authority, quality content and spam score.

Quantity Of Exact Match Anchor Text Links

The last thing you want to do is give Google reasons for flagging your website. It’s easy enough to either have too few links or an excessive amount of exact match anchor text links, but knowing when this limit has been reached can be tough without experience. Google could flag your website as spammy if the quantity of these links is too high, so we have to make sure not to get too trigger happy. This could look like manipulation, instead of good optimisation practices.

3. On Page SEO

Once the anchor text assessment step is complete, the next step of our process is to assess your website’s ON-PAGE SEO. We use the same methods for e-commerce or national service pages that you would see applied in those industries, using dozens of different markers.

These on-page factors ensure Google has all the necessary information in order to rank each given webpage, which it does by determining relevance.

4. Site Structure

This is only considered when dealing with businesses that are targeting multiple geographic areas. 

Depending on the search volume, it might be justifiable to create separate pages for Edinburgh (the capital), Glasgow, Falkirk, etc. in the central belt, or in the Leith and Portabello neighbourhoods of Edinburgh, for example.

These pages can each be targeted then towards specific local keywords enabling stronger local targeting.

5. Google My Business

A1 SEO Edinburgh can set up your Google My Business page. Remember to:

– Respond to customer client reviews 

– Look out for bad edits 

We look at factors like NAP consistency and image geotagging, which are important in boosting local business listings on Google Maps. Overall, proximity should always be considered first and foremost.

6. Competitor Research

A1 SEO Edinburgh keeps track of your competitors to see how they’re ranking and if they’re ranking higher than you. We then use this information to reverse engineer any strategies that are working in their favour.

7. Citations

Citation building is imporant in local SEO. We don’t mean spamming your website with hundreds of Fiverr directory links that have been purchased. To rank in any niche or geo-specific directories, we carefully select a handful from different sources and submit it manually, rewriting the content for each individual listing to allow it to get indexed properly.

Citation Campaign

The most essential part of a citation campaign is to keep your name, address, phone number and website consistent. Google uses directory listings to validate that you are where you say you are and that all phone number, website, location and business details relate to the same place. Keeping all four of these consistent is key for local SEO. 

Unique Descriptions

We all know that content is key for SEO. Contrary to most SEO advice out there, if you copy your business description across multiple directories, there is a risk that Google will only index one page. This is because they assume every page is a duplicate page with only one instance being index-worthy.

We avoid this by writing unique descriptions for each citation submitted, thus ensuring more citations are counted by Google.

8. Local Business Schema

Schema is a language used to talk directly with Google when the Google bot crawls your website. 

For local businesses, we include relevant information like reviews and geo-coordinates. The idea is to provide Google with as much information as possible to help them get the best idea of what your website and business does and where you are based.


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We also go the extra mile to educate our clients about how search engines really work to rank websites by explaining things in a simple, no-nonsense way, and I’ll be right there on the other end of the line whenever you have any questions! It usually takes only one phone call for us to solve a problem, so give us a shout today – we’d love nothing more than to help put your website and business on the top.

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