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Link building is the process of reaching out to other websites in your niche and requesting them to add a link back to your site.

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What is linkbulding?

Linkbuilding refers to the process of getting websites to link to your website using a hyperlink. Google sees QUALITY links as authoritative votes and helps Google trust your website.

If you are struggling to rank in your niche, chances are your competitors are outpacing you when it comes to link building. A1 SEO Edinburgh has years of process-driven experience to generate relevant, high-quality links for your website to help you rank more competitively.

How can Linkbuilding help you dominate your niche?

Link Building is a delicate art. On the one hand the sheer volume of links often times required to outrank a competitor can be daunting lead to corner cutting. On the other hand, quality links are what matters. More often than not, low quality links are simply ignored by Google and other search engines.

A1 SEO Edinburgh have over 7 years experience in building quality links at scale in a wide range of niches.

Our Link Building & Outreach Process

Link Audit

The first step is to benchmark your current link profile’s quality and quantity against the competitors ruling the roost in Google search results.

Our Link Audit Checks

#1 Quality

The internet is a vast forest of links, and it can be difficult to tell which ones are good for your specific website. For example, some websites have too many low-quality backlinks that harm their ranking in Google’s eyes rather than help them thrive.

We consider metrics such as traffic volume, authority and the overall look and feel of the links pointing to your site, a stage that is often missed at scale.

#2 Volume

Quality over quantity is usually a good rule of thumb when it comes to Google. However, once any valueless links are filtered out, it turns into a war of numbers when reviewing and analysing what we see as an opportunity for quality improvement.

We look at the volume (numbers) and quality of links build, alongside the velocity or frequency at which you are building links to ensure you’re not at risk of falling behind.

#3 Anchor Text

To get a high-ranking result in the search engine, you need to use anchor text. 

Anchor texts can be anything from your company’s name to a product slogan (for example, SEO EDINBURGH) and will help with building links back to these pages. There is a fine balance when it comes to how much of this is the right amount, and we maintain that balance for you.

#4 Competitor Benchmark

The final step in our link audit is to thoroughly review your competitors’ link profiles. 

With this, we gain a deeper understanding of the competitive landscape and scale required for you as an individual business in your industry. This is something that almost no other agency offers when it comes to such tailored plans based on the competition.

Citation building

Citation building is step one when it comes to starting to acquire links.

Once we have figured out where your website appears compared to other websites and which keywords they rank for, citation-building is a simple starting point towards real action. 

What are citations?

Citations are another name for business directory listings on websites like Yell, Trust A Trade, etc. These directory listing links don’t hold much authority value, but really help Google validate your business as an entity. Citations are more of an initial consolidation than a long term strategy.

How do citations help?

Citations help Google to confirm and validate details such as your company name, address and contact information – all important parts of both local and general SEO. Having consistency here will give you a boost for both of those things in Google Maps and other credible platforms.


After citations have been built, it’s time for outreach – which is the more time-consuming (but very necessary) part of link building.

Outreach is the act of emailing webmasters, bloggers and site owners with pitches for links. We do this via content links and guest posting.

The team at A1 SEO Edinburgh generates content that generates links. At the start of a content outreach campaign, we look to create content that showcases your business as a credible source and a tought leader in your industry. This could look like tips and guides relevant to your industry or best practice how to’s.

With our many years working in the SEO industry, we are on good terms with many high quality websites and content decisionmakers. This makes the process much more guaranteed that many of our competitors.

There are many different types of outreach campaigns and one is a content referral via guest posting, which you do through your website by reaching out to the online community. A1 SEO Edinburgh knows what generates quality thought leadership-based articles that could gain a natural backlink opportunity from another site or blog.

When embarking on a guest post campaign, the first step is to identify quality sites open to guest posting. It is extremely important the you are not quest posting on low-quality sites. We avoid guest post farms and sites offering paid links. Instead, we focus on high quality, native English, human edited, niche specific opportunities on every single on of our campaigns. We take a pool of high quality websites and offer them professionally written and engaging content that is both authoritative and interesting.

In some cases we come up against “publishing fees”. This is a semi-grey area as it is against Google’s guidelines to outright purchase links. However, the overwhelming majority of site owners will charge an admin fee for publishing content. We make a judgement based on the site look, tracfic numbers and metrics like domain authority and outgoing links.

Some of our most succesful campaigns in the past have come from FMCG clients. Our outreach via guest posting and content gets successful links. However, the actual media exposure that our clients have won off the back of this has delivered tangible offline results as well.

How Long Before You Can See Results?

SEO results are never guaranteed. An SEO’s job is to influence Google and other search engines. However, we do not decide how long it takes Google to notice and/or act on our influence. This can take time. That being the case, however:

1. Minor tweaks can move the needle quite fast. If something is seriously wrong with the site and it is fixed, results can become apparent very quickly.

2. For new sites, in non-grey niches, the standard timescale tends to be 4 to 12 months.

3. Sites hit with Google penalties can take a lot longer to improve, and can even be negatively affected before getting better.

4. Sites in unsavoury niches (gambling, high-interest loans, medical products) have much higher scrutiny put on them and timescales can double or sometimes even triple.

It does depend.

Link building campaigns are an excellent way to ensure that your website is sending all of the right external signals to Google. Pair this with a well-structured website, good content and a technically sound website and all that will stand in the way of your website and success in your niche is time.


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