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Highly Experienced


With years of experience in the SEO industry, we provide a highly personalised service using state of the art technology alongside unique strategies that deliver.



Extensive experience in the SEO industry and an ethical approach. We use our knowledge to help you win more business and dominate your niche.

Results Focused SEO


Our aim is to improve your keyword rankings and increase traffic and revenue, demonstrating the ROI of SEO at each stage of the process.

Grow Digital Marketing Traffic



Your business needs a professional SEO company to help it compete for the top positions on Google. Our team will work with you and your website, utilising creative strategies to get your business the results it deserves.

Trusted by Local Businesses

Over the years, we have had the privilege of helping some of Scotland’s most beloved brands grow their search presence. Here are some of those brands.


Outreach & Linkbuilding


Google has been operating on the idea that links from other websites act as votes to indicate trustworthy, high-quality sites. 

Humans can edit these ‘votes’ when there is an understanding of the factors at play when creating links of quality. 

Human-edited content is key for Google to be able to truly vet if something is worth ranking or not and using high-quality links that are relevant to the content is the Google-friendly way to go. 

Technical SEO


Are you looking to make your site more visible on the internet? If so, then improving its technical health is essential. 

Our team specialises in streamlining new website developments with successful SEO results that can be maintained in the long-term. Whether you’re launching a new site or redesigning an old one – we can improve all aspects, from SEO stability to link structures across various platforms, and much more.

On Page SEO


On-page SEO is a good way for a company to get ahead of its competition and dominate your niche.

While link-building is still key, with the constant updates and changes, on-page search engine optimisation has never been more relevant than it is now. Things like H1 tags, metadata internal linking and entity mapping are still extremely important to help increase your ranking in Google search results.

SEO Audit Services Glasgow


Do you want to take advantage of the latest search engine optimisation techniques but don’t have a clear idea of where your business currently stands in terms of the technical aspects and off-page factors? We can help you. 

We are skilled at auditing websites of all sizes so that actionable plans can be constructed – all with data-based reasoning behind them. With A1 SEO, you can dominate Edinburgh’s niche markets.

SEO Consultant Glasgow & Training


If you are looking for a little bit of  guidance, our SEO experts can give your marketing team the support they need with their in-depth and wide-ranging expertise. 

From simply shedding light on some of the more complex challenges or devising full-scale integrated search strategies tailor-made just for you – A1’s team will provide solutions that work best or you and for your budget, with a daily rate for on-site consultations. 

Local SEO Glasgow


If you’re working predominantly with local customers, then local SEO is something your business should definitely take advantage of.

We have a good understanding of the local search landscape. So rather than let your competitors get to your leads before you, you could use local SEO to target anyone located close to you via location-based searches in Google Maps -thus dominating the local market.


Whitelabel SEO Agency


A1 SEO Edinburgh can help you and your clients dominate your niches with a bespoke solution that integrates seamlessly into your workflow. We will take away the pressure of new clients and staff turnover while consistently delivering solid results. Get in touch today for more information on how A1 SEO could be just what you need to boost company growth.



Search engine marketing encompasses both PPC and SEO, which helps search engines to show your website in their results. This is a great way of getting qualified traffic and the A1 SEO Edinburgh team has a great depth of experience in setting up and optimising these accounts and campaigns so that you can be easily discovered by potential customers – and fast.

Influencer Outreach


As a top search marketing company, A1 SEO Edinburgh practises a refined method of creating links through influencer outreach. With this, we can help you get your business noticed by key players in your industry – adding credibility to your business and brand at an affordable price.  Get in touch today to discover how influencer outreach can transform your business.

SEO Content Creation & Copywriting


A1 SEO Edinburgh has an in-house team of some of the best copywriters in the UK. Our in-house pool of talent is responsible for creating fresh copy to constantly appease Google, alongside re-optimising existing content to match changes in searcher intent and topical relevancy.

Content Gap Analysis


This exercise lets us compare your domain against that of competitor businesses for us to see what you might be missing out on when creating or updating your websites. This quick, yet highly effective assessment can play a big role in your overall content strategy.

Web Design


While we do not offer this service internally, we have expert contacts who use their knowledge and skillset to create builtiful, functionally sound websites. We are then able to focus on our speciality – curating a search strategy that will grow your business and help your dominate your niche.


Why Choose Us

Hi, I’m Graham Grieve, the lead SEO consultant at A1 SEO Edinburgh! A1 SEO Edinburgh is a small but efficient team of 11 search engine optimisation specialists. We offer full transparency on our SEO campaigns so that you can see exactly what works for you at any time – no surprises or hidden costs. We have over 7 years of experience in ranking sites higher up on the Google search results pages, so we are more than qualified (and so excited) about giving your company the best chance at standing out from competitors online. 

We also go the extra mile to educate our clients about how search engines really work to rank websites by explaining things in a simple, no-nonsense way, and I’ll be right there on the other end of the line whenever you have any questions! It usually takes only one phone call for us to solve a problem, so give us a shout today – we’d love nothing more than to help put your website and business on the top.

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